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sexta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2014

Bottle Fairy (English Dub/Sub)

Synopsis: Four pretty crazy nonsense and fairies come to Earth to find out how to turn human. Trip after trip, they live a year of adventures until they reached a dilemma: "Being human is better than staying together?" As the pixies are learning about the human world, various curiosities of Japanese culture will be explained. Do not forget to check the series, which has 13 episodes of 12 minutes each. All washed down with a very good mood and madness!

April. The fairies try to picture a school entrance ceremony, then animate Oboro-chan. They then try out hanami.

May. Tama-chan explains several May things: the Golden Week, Kodomo no hi, sekku, koinobori, kashiwa-mochi, gogatsubyou.

June. Because of a letter sensei received, the fairies explore the highlights of love: confession, marriage.

July. The gang enjoys summer adventures in the jungle, in the mountain and in a pyramid.

August. Swimsuits, the beach, pools, torrent, matsuri, fireworks.

September. The fairies imagine their school life, with Japanese class, home economics, PE, medical check-up, school trips and graduation.

October. The fairies undertake an autumn themed poetic contest (dead leaves, typhoon, nabe), then a sports contest.

November. The fairies help a flower bloom, then use magic to prevent it from withering.

December. The fairies perform New Year's Eve activities: cleaning and cooking become a drama, kouhaku utagassen a historical.

January. First day of the new year, a time for karuta, onsen and aerobics.

February. The fairies make chocolate and give it to sensei-san.

March. For the Doll Festival (momo no sekku), the fairies receive a magic star that can turn them into humans.

And then. Merged as one human being, the fairies go to school to bring sensei his bentou, joining the excavation, baseball and idol clubs on the occasion.

The Bottle Fairies
The Bottle Fairies are identified by their eye color, their individual quirks, and their association with the seasons (represented by season songs). They sleep in appropriately colored jars.

Kururu is the blue Bottle Fairy; she has pink hair and blue eyes. She is associated with spring. Kururu is hyperactive, and what she imagines is often very extreme.
Voiced by: Nana Mizuki (Japanese), Mari Daniel (English)
Chiriri is the yellow Bottle Fairy; she has blonde hair and yellow eyes. She is associated with summer. She is friendly and slightly reserved, with a surreal imagination. She is obsessed with soap opera and hats. She can also turn wishes into reality.
Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka (Japanese), Mia Bradly (English)
Sarara is the red Bottle Fairy; she has grey hair and red eyes. She is associated with autumn. She is quiet, but what she imagines tends to be tomboyish.
Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese), Vicky Green (English)
Hororo is the green Bottle Fairy; she has black hair and green eyes. She is associated with winter. She is a somewhat distant character, with a slow, rambling personality. Hororo is always thinking about something and is usually shy meeting new people. She is often caught thinking about food.
Voiced by: Ai Nonaka (Japanese), Jennifer Sekiguchi (English)

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